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Online connections lead us to strange places

It’s a bit strange to root for and care for people you’ve never met, and most likely never will. Or, at least never come to know in a way that warrants you caring about them as you do a friend. Sports is the obvious thing that comes to mind for me when I think about this type of one-way relationship. Anyone who has been a sports fan has an

The Lost Coast Trail

This is a trip that has long been in my sights, but more importantly, in Chad Hartley's sights. He has been talking to me about it for a few years. He has attempted it once, and ran into crappy weather while also having the option to turn back (something we'll get to later), so he did. But the desire to complete it never left, and I always wanted

November 6, 2018

Well, that certainly didn't suck. As the run up to the election was really ramping, it began to look like a huge disappointment was brewing for the people who really can't stand the current incarnation of the Republican Party. Polls were tightening, the trust in places like Florida and Ohio and Pennsylvania and just about all of the midwest was

The Americans was really good

The Americans recently concluded its six-season run. While the show finished up a couple of months ago, it hit Amazon recently and we were able to watch the final season in relatively short order the past couple of weeks. Over the course of its time on the air, it was one of my favorite shows for a variety of reasons, including: It's set in the

The Dust Devil Sprint Triathlon

When the bulk of the fitness training you do revolves around a particular sport--triathlon for me--you tend to answer a lot of questions about the well-known events that feature that sport. In this case, Ironman. Have you done one? Are you going to do one? And, in my case, why not? I haven't done one and don't plan to. I've done two half-Ironman