I'm not changing political parties

Posted on 08 March 2018

**Updated below

The Democrats Can't Stop Using the Same Broken Playbook by Drew Magary is worth a read.

"It’s an enraging time to be an American, and one of the most frustrating things about it is that the opposition party—the only one with the money and infrastructure to take on a Republican party that is now a de facto criminal enterprise—still leads and acts as if everything is Fine, and that we are not in a state of absolute crisis."

I was recently asked on Facebook why I am still registered to vote as a Republican. My answer was that I am too lazy to switch. I also don't mind participating in the process from the Republican side, so that factors in.

What I missed in giving that pretty simple answer is what this article addresses. Drew Magary, who somehow seems to speak directly to me in just about every political piece he writes, shows us how the Democrats seem to be content with "compromise" when they have been humiliated over and over by the assholes controlling the Republican Party in doing so. I think he's right, but I don't think he goes far enough.

What I see in this is that the Democrats as a party just aren't far enough removed from the big money that dominates politics. While there are a lot of excellent voices speaking against the racist, classist Republican policies that generally look to remove rights from people and make it more difficult for the working class to ever get ahead because of the religion surrounding the hoarding of money, the leaders in the party are simply another piece of that offensive, amoral puzzle.

Personally, I want Democrats to dominate in November. They are the better option for America, period. I am not someone who cares much for talk of third parties. I don't think they're viable, basically. If one emerged, I might support it, but it's not where I want my energy to go.

As for the Democrats, I don't see myself changing parties because I see myself working to keep them in check once they get the power that they should have earned by default at this point. Ultimately, which party I belong to only makes a difference in primary races. I think having a say on the Republican side of that is more important than the side I'm more likely to vote with.

None of this is novel or original. It's just something I find important to explore and discover for myself.

So, it seems that I will remain a Republican because it's where I started and I can't see myself changing allegiances to a party that I will no doubt be upset with for some of the same reasons I can't see myself voting Republican again. I guess it really is just laziness.


I changed parties. It was just too much to deal with anymore and I missed a couple of key opportunities to vote for and help elect good people who I think should have won their primaries here in Nevada. But damn if the democrats are still doing dumb shit and being terrible at handling the Trump situation.

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