Ryan Bundy's gubernatorial run is scary

Posted on 12 March 2018

Scofflaw rancher and generally racist dipshit Cliven Bundy's son Ryan is running for governor of Nevada. In normal times, this would be treated like the clown show that it is. After the confounding acquittal of Ryan Bundy, his brother and several other anti-government weirdos, we could have rightly expected these people to just go away. Apparently, they didn't.

While there is no doubt that Ryan Bundy stands zero chance to get elected here, his run should concern people in Nevada because of the ripple it will cause in the race. He'll be running as an independent candidate, which means he won't be dismissed via a primary. His family's popularity among the population of rural Nevada means he'll get votes. Probably a lot of votes. So, what does that mean?

Simply, it means that if he stays in the race, carpetbagging, cynical hack Adam Paul Laxalt, who is the favorite, would probably handily lose in the general election because Bundy would essentially be taking the votes of the people who still (wrongly) think the Sagebrush Rebellion was some kind of heroic stand against the federal government "taking their land." I'm not here to argue that, though. I just understand the mindset, whether or not I have all the details correct.

If Bundy is a serious threat to take votes from a guy who shouldn't get any but will, that's good for the Democrats, right? Not so fast. See, Laxalt, as a pure politician beholden to money and power, knows this better than you or I do. So, he now has to be concerned with doing whatever he can to make Bundy not run. The only way he can do that is to move further to the wacky right. And he will. He already seems a bit cozy with these criminals, but he'll have to be overt in giving them something they want so that he gets what he wants. It'll be bad for Nevada, of course. But that's just Laxalt.

So, yeah, keep an eye on stories of Laxalt moving in the direction of these nuts, and even of them meeting, although that might be a little too transparent. If Bundy decides not to run, it would very likely be because Laxalt has promised him something that would be horrible for the rest of us.

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