The RGJ's Diversity Project (to be updated)

Posted on 20 August 2020

I am cataloging the steps promised by the RGJ and USA Today for increasing diversity in their newsrooms and in their news coverage. This post will be updated periodically when new pieces of the initiative are announced.

August 20, 2020. It's a start, and I appreciate it.

Today, the USA TODAY Network and our own Reno Gazette Journal laid out their first step in a promised diversity upgrade, if you will, to their newsrooms and news coverage.

This piece was meant to show transparency in their staffing. The main thrust was a graphic comparing the newsroom to the community it covers. It's apparent that locally, and likely across the country, the newsroom is not nearly as diverse as the community it serves.

enter image description here

Brian Duggan writes:

In the coming months, the Reno Gazette Journal will reset its coverage strategy to ensure we tell stories about all Northern Nevada’s communities — not just the ones that have most frequently appeared in our pages throughout our 150-year history.

We must — and we will — do better to tell authentic stories from communities of color — and not just when bad news happens. That means we will actively seek out more diversity in our sourcing.

One example given so far is the publishing of this column by Reno attorney David Gamble.

Duggan also mentioned that they will "regularly update" the newsroom diversity data. I'm glad to see this, and I will happily and critically follow the progress, as it is a vital piece in improving the way this country and this city deal with race.

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