Genoa Peak

I'm generally not one to have somewhere to be at 6:00 A.M. on a Sunday. But this past Sunday, I agreed to meet Chad Hartley at his house so we could drive the roughly one hour to Kingsbury Grade and embark on a most-of-the-day hike to bag Genoa Peak. Chad had decided the day before that he wanted to do that and I agreed over a few texts that I

Wheeler Peak 2017

Wheeler Peak is the second-highest point in Nevada. Some will argue that it counts as the highest peak because Boundary Peak's prominence isn't enough to qualify it as an actual mountain. I don't really care. The trip to Boundary Peak the week prior to this was set up largely because we already had this trip on the calendar. Chad was looking to

Boundary Peak 2017

Way back in 2015, back when I figured I should be doing as many badass things as humanly possible to get myself ready to do more badass things, I got together with a small group of people to climb Boundary Peak. It was challenging, and maybe almost broke me. Which is fine. It's what I was looking for. Since then, I have decided that I should be

Climbing Boundary Peak

Boundary Peak is Nevada’s highest point. Boundary gets its name from the fact that is lies right on the border between Nevada and California. It’s in the White Mountain Range and is the lowest of the major peaks in that range. But it’s the only one that is on the Nevada side of the border, and it’s higher than Wheeler Peak, which is

Climbing Mount Rainier

For more background on this, read about my plan. I wrote that in February to explain my upcoming (at the time) trip to Mount Rainier. I completed that trip in July and began writing this in September. It took me a while to process everything, decide that I really did have something to say about it, and just sort of want to sit down and write about

Griswold Lake and Ruby Dome

“This is the hardest three miles I've ever done with a pack on." That was my cousin, Cotie, as we made what we expected was the last bit of ascent up the trail toward Griswold Lake. We were climbing up rocks and through small fractures in the canyon that housed Butterfield Creek about 20 miles south of Elko and a mile west of the more popular

Climbing Mount Whitney

On June 25, 2014, Jim Scripps and I hit the road from Reno to Lone Pine, California and west from there to the Mount Whitney Portal to embark on what would be a test of our physical abilities, mental fortitude and a test on our already fragile friendship. Not really. We just decided that we wanted to climb Mount Whitney in a day and figured this

Climbing Mount Rose

Mount Rose is the highest peak in the immediate vicinity of Reno. It stands over Reno somewhat unnoticed most of the time and is often confused with Slide Mountain. Slide Mountain contains the Mt. Rose Ski Resort with its very visible slopes standing out no matter the time of year. Hiking Mount Rose is something a bunch of people from around here