A moron navigating the Fediverse

Posted by Ryan C. Jerz on July 18, 2023

Man, this may have been the thing that gets me to quit. What I have done so far has been easy, but I probably ruined the bulk of my online presence. I just switched from Mastodon's servers to micro.blog. Micro.blog has intrigued me from the start, and this recent adoption by basically everyone who isn't still porting on Twitter to the Fediverse things has made micro.blog even more appealing to me.

What I think it does -- and again, bear with me as I have not actually looked too deeply into this -- is give me the opportunity to participate in the social media world while doing so from my own website. This is the (maybe?) elevator pitch of the thing. I connect my account there to my actual website (this thing I'm writing into now), and everything I post here will be posted there. Maybe. If it works, you may never know because I have a hard time figuring that most people will be looking at Mastodon or whatever other thing they use to access the feeds that will proliferate inside the Fediverse (I feel like a dork saying that every time).

This really feels like we've hit a point where the early dream of the web is being slowly realized here. Everyone can (and should!) own their own shit. That means post to where you control it, upload to places you maintain yourself, and make the content as available as you want it through a federated network of others who want to do the same thing. It's why I started doing things like this. I'm excited.

What I'm worried about is that this stuff can be somewhat technical. I have a pretty decent floor for technical operations, but I also don't have a very deep set of skills in any one area, so I may wind up hitting a wall that ruins a weekend or something. Maybe I've already done the hard stuff. Maybe there is a lot more to come before I am fully happy with my setup. The technical nature is always scary, as it may mean you break something irreparably (at least to me). But overall, I look forward to a utopia where everyone's online expression comes at their own terms and lasts exactly as long as they want it to last. My goal is to do my own part to make the world work like that. I just hope I don't have to blow it all up and start over because I didn't read the instructions.