Notes on the Day - 7/12/2023

Posted by Ryan C. Jerz on July 12, 2023
  • I'm six episodes into Extrapolations now and it's becoming less interesting overall. I'll finish it and probably have a positive overall thought on it, but I can see why it didn't strike a chord with most people. If you piece all the little things you get in the show together, you can see exactly how the world got to where it is. It's simultaneously enraging and totally understandable.
  • Skipped running this morning so I could be ready for a gym workout today. This new way of thinking is weird for me, and I'm not even sure if I'm all the way there yet. I did another meditation this morning, but had a bit of a harder time focusing. I was able to get a few minutes in before it ended, so perhaps it may be time to increase the length so I can make sure to find the focus.
  • I just found a bunch of posters to use in Plex for movies and directors and my weekend might be booked now.