Disgraced Former President Donald Trump Indicted for Attempting to Overthrow the 2020 Presidential Election

Posted by Ryan C. Jerz on August 15, 2023

In news that just about everyone who has been conscious the past seven years can say comes as no surprise, the former president has been indicted on many counts in a Georgia RICO case that includes many well-known associates of his, who also happen to be some of the worst people to have graced our television sets over the past several years.

The blockbuster 41-count, 98-page indictment said Trump and his co-defendants refused to accept the fact that Trump lost in Georgia. But “they knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump. That conspiracy contained a common plan and purpose.”

What we see with our own eyes and accountability do not often go hand in hand for powerful people. This is a major step toward repairing the disastrous time he was in charge, and will hopefully result in jail time for all convicted. Donald Trump is an awful human being, but it needs to be said that he is not a lone actor. Other wastes of carbon were involved in helping him supplant democracy, and all of them should be help to account.